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I have mostly kept silent about the whole situation regarding the publishing of "Shielded in Broken Armours", but after recent developments I figured I owed people an update... and a warning.

Everything starts on March 16th, when Kira Takenouchi, owner of Yaoi House LLC (and writer of "Taming Riki", for those familiar with it), claims she had "found God", she declares all of the author's contracts null and void. Some of the company shareholders take the reins and try to keep the company afloat, and most of the authors agree to stay on and function as co-writers to the stories Kira has left hanging. Most fans on the mailing list seem all right with this solution.

We are told that Kira will supply story notes so we could finish the stories as she had planned them out. She never does. We improvise. Just as the first month passes and the company is, by some miracle of the gods, still making profit... Kira shows up, claiming it was all a hallucinatory episode. She is, apparently, bipolar - a fact most of the authors having signed with the company were not aware of. (I knew she had some sort of illness, but I didn't know it was mental illness.)

Anyway, Kira is aparenly on medication now and wants her stories back. The interim YH president, tries to work this into the equation. Kira, however, doesn't seem pleased with any of the suggestion. Eventually, after much hassle, claims of temporary insanity, accusations towards the people trying to make the company work and other details I will spare you, it is agreed upon that she can have her story and company back. She promised her wormer Blondies and Elites free access to her writing for life, and basic members 6 months basic access. As she claimed she was in dire financial circumstances (she had been taking preorders for books and charging them on the spot rather than do so upon publication), this seems like such a huge favour done to everyone... to some, anyway. Not all people buy it, and no one can blame them.

At this point, the interim president quits the company, and decides to start her own company with its own subscription site. At first, Kira seemed fine with this, she even congratulated Harial on the new venture. When I emailed her on Monday, saying I wanted to let my contract expire and consider other publication offers or self-publishing, she seemed fine with that as well.

Now comes the denouement from my POV. (I'm not saying it's the only truth, or that you should just take my word for it. You are all entitled to have your own opinion on the situation, and to express it.)

Today, I wake up to mailing list messages about "Defectors" and threats of legal action against any authors that will offer their manuscripts to the new company. Apparently, our contracts are still valid and will be so for two years after we hand in the manuscript. Which goes against what my contract says, but let's not get into details here. Apparently, what Kira is trying to do is prevent any of the authors to sell the manuscripts or post the stories in question on the new publishing house's subscription site.

Moreover, a mere 2 hours ago, while discussing this situation with my friend and fellow former YH author Delilah deSora, I get an email from Kira stating the above, as well as mentioning a new company president (who has not been named), as Kira considers she is better off focusing on writing. I email her back, reminding her that she had agreed to release me from my contract. She insists the contract is still legally binding... and that "email correspondence is not acceptable in court". (As far as I know, it is accepted in most USA courts. And there is also international law involved in this, since I am not an US citizen.) I don't buy it and again remind of of our correspondence on May 5th. I am told that the new President might choose to release me... and that she is CCed on our emails. Okay. I demand to know who she is, so that I might discuss this with her. Another email, and I am told that they "don't think we'll really want to pursue publishing you at this point anyway". Fine by me! I am also promised a signed release - I shall be waiting for it most patiently. I have also saved and shall be keeping all correspondence pertaining this issue, just in case it is necessary to refer to it in the future.

My conclusion? I consider myself very happy to have SBA back, and you shall all know just how happy in a few days. I shall also make an announcement regarding the new company I have mentioned once things calm down.

But in the mean time, I wish to warn you all about Kira's business practices, and encourage you to consider the issue well before purchasing books from her company, especially if she reintroduces the system of payment on preorder rather than shipment. I believe that, at this point, Yaoi House will only be publishing Kira's books, unless other authors choose to go under contract with them. Which I would caution against, but it is not my place to persuade anyone to do so.

The main victim in all this is Becca Abbott, whose manuscript Cethe was almost ready to go to print in March. So I ask you all to stop by her site or her LJ (beccaabbott) and drop her a word of encouragement, in the hope things will be sorted out amiably in the end.

Thank you for staying with me through this extremely long rant!
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What is it with small publishers turning into nutcases lately?

I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. Stick to your guns. She obviously doesn't have a clue about business law, and think threats and intimidation are sufficient stand-ins for that. *hugs*
Thank you! *hugs and offers cake*

I am not the kind of person to give in to intimidation. Neither are most of the other authors, I think. However, I feel it is my duty to spread the word about this, so that others might learn of it, and out of it.
My guess is, she's either truly mentally ill, or she figured out that no extra authors might mean less money for her and more money for others. (Like... said authors.) Either way, I am not going to let her have any of my stories, and that's that.
My goodness, she is just all kinds of crazy. Thank goodness you've gotten out with SBA intact. *loves*
Thank you!

That book will be published, but I cannot say when or where. If no decent publishing house wants it, I'll just have to self-publish and that's that.
Okay, that? Is just beyond crazy. I'm just glad that you managed to get out of it okay.How on earth does she expect to have a business when she keeps changing her bloody mind like that, not to mention going back on her word?

Anyway, good luck with the publication of SBA. Hope you find something not as crazy as this. *hugs*
Some people have mental illnesses, others are just psycho. :P

*hugs* Still looking forward to seeing SBA, whenever that may be.
I'm not sure this whole debacle is the result of her illness, the desire for attention, or both. Me, I just want a formal release from my contract. Poor Becca, on the other hand, has this huge situation to deal with.
Me, i think I've gotten my rights back. (I'm still hoping for a written release from the contract.)

However, Becca Abbott's book was ready to go to print, and Kira still refuses to release her from the contract. Also, we have now apparently "formed an alliance with [the former YH interim president] and would rather pursue publication with her company". While the latter may be true, the former is certainly phrased very precariously.

Could you help spread the word about this, please? I certainly wouldn't want people to give Kira more money for goods that may either not be delivered, or be delivered without the permission of their author.
I have already ranted on ur yahoo group but I still have to say that I am extremely disappointed. Kira is a really good writer obviously this does not always translate to being financially savvy. On the other hand in this type of business your word is basically ur reputation. It is sad that she has broken faith with so many authors that trusted her with their stories and hopefully this will amicably resolve itself. Nonetheless, I believe Kira has lost a lot of trust that her authors had in her. Good luck
Thank you for your well-wishes!

I am disappointed as well. But I will hopefully come out of this experience wiser than I was before. And since I didn't make SBA's possible publication public, I am still hoping people are willing to have the edited version. At this point, I believe I'll publish that story on Lulu, that way no one can impute me that I have "formed an alliance" with anyone and "defected".
I am full of Rage and Anger, and winder if the woman's not better off, finding God. I'm sorry you and the others have to go through such crap. On the other hand I am awesomely psyched because soon I can tell everybody I know several published authors. <3
There is nothing wrong with knowing published authors. I'm sure most of our egos will not over-inflate and we'll still be posting online. Readers love free stories, after all.

Thank you for your support!
What an insane messs. That woman needs to be kept from doing business - she's clearly neither capable, nor has she any idea how it works.

For what it's worth - in international business usage, anything written and agreed upon (and agreed upon means "not actively disagreed" - silence is agreement) - is binding unless a document of higher rank exists. So if you have an email telling you that you're released from your contract, and moreso, emails that say she won't publish you anyway, then your contract is null and void. The latter depends a bit on the phrasing in your contract, but this is a legal battle she would stand no chance whatsoever of winning.
My life has become a soap opera of late. Good thing I am off to the countryside for a day of nothing on my mind but seeding zuchinni and basil and what not.

*hugs and offers cake*
Oh wow yes I'd heard about this from Delilah. This sounds like some seriously bad bussiness, good luck!
This is such a horrid thing to happen to you and the other authors. I can only offer my condolences and hope that your signed release comes through at the speed of light! Definitely keep all correspondence and stick to your guns - you deserve better.

And you are entitled to a rant, (especially a long one), after enduring all this furore!

*HUGS* and congratulations on receiving SBA back! Also, best wishes on dealing with the new company. *hugs*

(Thank you for the warning re: Yaoi House - I'll avoid it like the plauge methinks!)
Thanks for your support!

you are entitled to a rant

Oh, by all means. I was hoping things would get settled amiably and this issue would not become public... However, I am sick of temper tantrums and her playing the victim. people deserve to know both sides of the story.
That's awful! :( I'm sorry you got caught up in it, and glad that it sounds like you've got your story rights back. I hope any of the other authors who want out are able to as well - If it's not in the contract, they should definitely be able to, but legal action tends to be slow.
well, shit. what a mess. (omg I'm so glad I've never finished anything worth publishing... -_-)

glad you got your SBA back. hope you'll get a signed paper it's yours too, and soon. (I'd be chewing my fingernails down to the elbow..).

*hugs you lots* in which every way you have the book published, I'll want to buy it. ^_^

good luck and the same to Becca Abbott!
You, my dear, deserve to be published just like the rest of us. *hugs*

I'll let you all know when and where SBA will be published... eventually.
This is very sad and very scary. I think you need a cookie.
I would like to support Kira but each time she posts something, I can’t help but feel she doesn’t deserve it. Whether she is mentally ill or not her actions on several areas are wrong and she keeps changing her mind and attacking people. I don’t even know why she is holding on to any of the manuscripts at this point. She hasn’t published anything in over a year and I will be very surprised if she manages to get anything published this year with the way things are going. I’m glad that you have gotten your works back and I hope at some point the other authors do as well.

There was a time when I really believed she had the best interest of the readers in mind. But recent events have made me really think about her reasons for doing this, and for always changing her mind. Wishing Harial and the rest of us all the best and then calling us "defectors" and claiming we wanted to sabotage her was the final straw for me. I do not claim to understand her reasons - but one cannot expect things to go back to what they were before her "epiphany".

So I wished her good luck with her own stories, and told her I would let my contract expire. She agreed with it - then did not. I cannot keep telling my readers, "well the book will get published by YH... or not... or yes..." I'd lose all credibility. So I went against my nature against choosing sides and... here we are.
Thank you for letting me know. I feel really flattered I am worth a link on the DA blog.

I am writing my comment as we speak, and I have emailed Becca and Delilah as well. :)
O_o WTF!! I was vaguely aware of what was going on w/ kira but didn't about this, which is just f** up. i mean arthors leaving her for a dif. company isn't supriseing considering the fiasco she put you all in.

Glad you got out pretty unscathed though and hope there is better luck at getting BSA published, i wait eagerly to see it in all its published glory ;)
Is she also aware that flinging contract requirements she made up on the spot that aren't included in the contract are not, in fact, legally binding?

The woman seems to be off her rocker. She's lucky she got her company back, frankly. I'm pretty sure the shareholders were under no obligation to step aside for her after she resigned like that. Of course, it would've been more trouble than it was worth, most likely.

And it sounds like Becca might want to consult a lawyer. Between written contracts and crazy publishers putting craziness in writing on the web, I'm pretty sure a lawyer will be able to hand her the specifics on who's got what rights here.
Becca did consult a lawyer. Apparently Kira has no case, and the March 17 message in which she voided all contracts is legally binding. In fact, if this issue continues we could probably sue her for damages. XD
What Kira has done does not surprise me at all. I saw this coming a long time ago. I really wanted to read Becca's Cethe, which was why I pre-ordered the book, fool that I was. I do not think I will see that book or the money I paid for it. But the fact of the matter is I did warn Becca about this before. I was exchanging emails with her about when the book would be published and she mentioned that it would be out before december of last year. When the book kept getting delayed I asked her why she was publishing with Kira because she was so untrustworthy. Becca mentioned she was too lazy to self publish :) I wish she had taken me seriously then. Maybe I could have had the book in my hands. Sigh!
I hope you will get your money back. Definitely email Kira about this, since in spite of everything she did give people refunds. And I'm sure Cethe will be picked up by another company very soon. :)
Yes, I was cancelled by Kira
I did get several of Kira's emails announcing her new love with God and how she possessed a new understanding that all of her writings were morally perverse. I laughed out loud as it made perfect sense in a way, because I had been on her listserve for a long time and thought she was so very very nasty in her replies, demands, and that she continually demonstrated no skills in cooperating within a community. Yeah, mental illness is there and it could very well be the anxiety of having to produce much work and backing yourself in a corner. Overall, I think it's best things turned out the way they did.
When I did read her posts about God and M/M writing I really did think about what she was saying. I realized there is nothing wrong in the enjoyment of yaoi and to sin violently is not the beast of a female's mind nor heart. I'm sorry if it adversely effected anyone who read her posts and developed an idea that what they were reading was wrong. The last damn thing women need is more censorship. How beautifully rare it is to have a metal fisted female community creating for themselves.
Thanks for the info on this situation...I was wondering...
Re: Yes, I was cancelled by Kira
There is definitely nothing wrong with enjoying slash, yaoi, shounen-ai, BL, or whatever it is called. Maybe because I am agnostic, I have a different view on these things. But from what I read from the Bible (must read it to know exactly what you are opposed to, of course) Jesus did not condemn love - in fact, he preached in favour of it.

As for the bipolar part... I keep wondering if it isn't all a lie, like many of Kira's statements. I can no longer trust her word, after all. *deep sigh* So, in that regard, I am glad to be free of the contract, I wish her the best in spite of everything, and I hope she co,es to her right mind... eventually. However, she will not be getting any more publicity (in any form) from me, and I will not allow her to take advantage of my fans in any way.
I am obviously very late in coming, having not kept up with my LJ f-list in quite some time.

All I can really say is, is that Kira kinda... fails at life business related things, and keeping fans. And that I wish you the best in getting SBA published! :D I need to re-read that...

Hey, no worries. I'm aware people are busy and/or have other priorities in life. it's not like I'm upset or anything.

On the topic of Kira... well. I'd rather not say more than I have already said. As for SBA, it's probably going to be lulu - but we shall see.
I'm really happy you got your book back. *sigh* Maybe now someone realizes I did not try to delete her stupid forums and that she actually did prematurely cut my subscription and nbad mouth me on her journal. *sigh*

To this day, she is an unmedicated bipolar. *sigh*
I haven't had any contact with her or her company since I've gotten my book back, so I have no idea what she's up to, these days. I'm sorry it had to come to this, but I came out of it wiser and stronger, and that's a good thing.
Oh my gosh, I really had no idea of the fiasco that was going on!
I'm so glad that you clarified matters because I was searching for ai no kusabi fics, and when I clicked on her website, imagine my shock when THAT came up...
I'm really sorry for all that you've experienced last year, as well for your fellow authors, because I happen to be a big fan of your works as well.
Nevertheless, I'm glad that you've moved on=)